CURRENT LOCATION: Fort Collins, Colorado

Affordable: Prices start at $200/shoot

High Quality Equipment: Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Camera with multiple lenses to capture what you are looking for in your photos or video

Experience: Gloria has taken photos since she was old enough to hold a camera, with an 'eye' for capturing beautiful photos. She has a natural eye for beautiful photos. Check out "Projects" to see examples of Gloria's photos from past photoshoots

CreativityThe photographer will have a pre-shoot call with you to discuss what kind of photos you want and the 'vision' of the photos you would like, and the goal of your photoshoot


Average of $200/shoot

Non refundable deposit (24 hour notice cancellation policy): $50

Photoshoot (Average 2 hours):  $150

Photography Prints: Site prices--click photo on right to explore prices and products offered

Photo Downloads and Originals: Free unlimited, original quality, downloads available on site

Travel Cost: $.75/mile outside of Fort Collins--see travel schedule below

Travel Schedule


Now--May: Northern Colorado

May--October: Southwestern Colorado

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1. WHAT DO I WEAR? Whatever you feel comfortable in and want to rock in your photoshoot. Avoid distracting patterns. Do your hair and makeup however you feel comfortable and stylish with! Eye makeup will help the eyes POP! After you see the photos, I can do 'touch ups' (blur out a pimple....stuff like that!) if you wish

2. WHAT ABOUT THE WEATHER? I will keep a close eyes on the weather and will make those calls. Depending on the 'feel' you want in your shoot, we can make cloudy, sunny, sunset, sunrise, or mid day sunlight work in your favor! 

3. WHAT ABOUT MY HORSE/ PET? I suggest giving your horse a good bath and grooming before the shoot, maybe a little Showsheen to make their coat shine. I'll make sure they look spiffy for the shoot too. If your horse has a hard time standing still and you want a lot of still standing shots, make sure your horse has had adequate exercise the day before or even before the shoot to help them stand more patiently. 

4. HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN BE IN THE SHOOT? It's up to you. Typically the more people or animals you want in a photoshoot, the more time you must pay for OR it will result in less photos of each subject to choose favorites from

5. WHAT TIME SHOULD I BE READY? You should be dressed and have your animals ready to start taking photos at the time we schedule our photoshoot. 

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To Schedule...

To schedule a photoshoot, please contact Gloria by clicking the button below and included these points in your initial email:

Photoshoot location

Type of photoshoot interested in

Who will be in the shoot

Why you want to do a photoshoot

Your ideal photo 'vision' from the shoot

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