Spain & Basque Country

During college I decided to take a summer semester to study abroad. After tedious hours of researching where to go and tons of different summer study abroad programs, I decided on a USAC (University Studies Abroad Consortium) San Sebastian program in the Basque Country of Spain.

I didn't know anyone else studying abroad there that summer, so naturally I did what I do best. I used a group email to find everyone on facebook to see what type of people I would be traveling with. Excessive? Probably. A friendly appearing girl on facebook, Alexis, emailed me a couple days later asking if I was interested in meeting up before our program in the US and flying over to Spain together. I immediately said YES! I am so glad Alexis contacted me. We met up at the airport in Chicago flying to Madrid. We both realized quickly our Spanish was about the same level, we were both terrified, and we were both so glad to have each other.

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