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Top 10 Things to do in Tacoma Washington

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1. Walk the path along Ruston Way

Ruston Way is a busy 2 lane road driving along the beautiful coastline of Commencement Bay. The 4 mile walk begins at the Chinese Reconciliation Park and takes you along the shoreline, past good restaurants on piers overlooking the bay, abandoned lawyer offices on piers (yuck), the public fishing pier, and several great beaches to stop at along the way and walk on depending on the tide.

The sidewalk takes you out onto Point Defiance, now a built up tourist attraction with million dollar apartments lining the path. It's worth going out on Point Defiance for amazing views of the Mt. Rainier, especially at sunset. Continue up the hill to the left of point defiance onto a metal skywalk bridge. The bridge has great views of commencement bay and overlooks Point Defiance Marina below. You can continue walking all the way into Point Defiance Park.

Heading East you are graced with views of Mt. Rainier peaking out from behind Hill Top in Tacoma. 

2. Visit Point Defiance Park

A huge sprawling park with lots of trails to explore, a great swimming beach, a garden, and views of Commencement Bay and the inlet from the main Pacific Ocean, a major shipping traffic zone. 

3. Grab some Halibut Fish Tacos from Northern Fish Co.

Just down the road from the Chinese Reconciliation Park along Ruston Way is Northern Fish Co., sitting out on a pier like a gift from heaven. Northern Fish Co. has the best fresh fish and best fish tacos I found. Classic, fried, crispy, battered fish tacos. Cod or Halibut, regular or mango salsa, aoli on the side, and some awesome fries. The tacos are the best I found in the area.  

4. Hit Happy Hour at Dukes Seafood

Great happy hour deals, good drinks, and an AMAZING crab cake dish at discount during happy hour. This place is on a pier off Ruston Way, so it has great water views. 

5.  Walk around University of Puget Sound 

With historic brick buildings and beautiful landscaping, this campus is great to explore. Several old growth forests sprawl around campus. It feels very Harry Potter esq. 

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