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About Mountain Glow Photography

Gloria Ford was born and raised in Maui, Hawaii where her love for the outdoors began. As a passionate  skier, Gloria attended Colorado State University after high school and earned her degree in Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism.

Combining her love for horses, adventure, and photography, Gloria worked seasonal jobs as a wrangler guiding trail rides around Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado capturing photos of stunning landscapes through her travels.

In 2015, Mountain Glow Photography was born to share awe inspiring moments with friends and family all around the world. Gloria's dream is to have her art on the walls of many homes, offices, stores, and restaurants to spread the joy of the 'mountain glow' to all. 

Gloria's Hobbys

A lifelong horseback rider and trainer in dressage, western, jumping, and past ranch wrangler

A passionate backcountry, cross country, and resort skier

A new fly-fisherwoman thanks to her partner/ Fly Fishing Guide Extraordinaire, Andrew

An avid hiker and biker in the mountains, climbing peaks that don't require ropes, and finding new trails  and public lands to explore

A professional road-tripper with thousands of miles racked up from around the west, thanks to a trusty 4Runner

An advocate for sustainability, eco-tourism, and freedom to live your best life!

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